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Aaron Lovelady

A Bit of a Generalist. Digital Marketing, Education, the Arts, and Health & Fitness.


I consider myself very lucky to engage with people in so many ways: as a performer, teacher, a creator, and an advisor.

I enjoy a fast-paced work life. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife who is a member of the USAF Ceremonial Brass (Washington DC), and our golden retriever, Poppy. I also love to get outside and exercise!

I got into music because I became fascinated by the orchestral repertoire. I teach so that I can pass along my passion to future musicians, and I am continually pursuing new ways to connect audiences with musicians. Although music has taken me all over the world, I'm looking forward to sharing my experience here in the DC area.

I stumbled upon my work in digital marketing, web design, and SEO out a passion for creativity and public engagement. I discovered that the combination of attention to detail and creativity that I developed as a musician was perfect for the field. I enjoy a challenge, and I am excited to learn new skills, so I found myself completely at home in this dynamic, digital world.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or for more information on who I am and what I do. If you have the time, please connect and browse my profile. I am open to new projects and possibilities, so feel free to reach out with business inquiries as well.


Aaron Lovelady
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